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Malteza Private Villa
Imerovigli - Santorini

A stunning neoclassical mansion of the past century, fully renovated into a luxurious private villa at the top of the caldera, at Imerovigli. Malteza Private Villa is one of the largest available villas in this specific area of Santorini.
Simplicity and taste...

In the traditional village of Imerovigli

The lush environs and the ultra-chic atmosphere of the Malteza Private Villa is the perfect choice for couples, especially honeymooners, as the sunset view from the rooftop terrace is simply breath-taking. Malteza Private Villa is a two-bedroom, fully renovated 19th-century mansion that was built by a wealthy local captain. Located in one of the highest spots of Imerovigli, at the top of the caldera of Santorini, next to the iconic church of Panagia Malteza, the villa presents spectacular panoramic views to the caldera and the sea.
Design and comfort...

Everything you need to enjoy your stay in Santorini

Decorated in a refreshing, opulent style that praises the relaxed beauty of Santorini, and a thrilling outdoor space with a lavish plunge pool and uninterrupted views to the sea and the caldera, Malteza Private Villa is perhaps the finest choice in Imerovigli for an idyllic, luxurious stay enshrouded in romantic opulence and resplendent details. Equipped with SMART capabilities and all modern technology Malteza Private Villa n Imerovigli, Santorini is the epitome of luxurious living, you’ll never want to leave the roof-top terrace with the Jacuzzi plunge-pool and the fully furnished patio. The lavish facilities with every modern amenity will upgrade your stay, making for an experience you’ll never forget!
In its two lavish bedrooms, equipped with king-size beds and en suite bathrooms, you will indulge in endless moments of romance and tranquillity, whereas its spacious indoor and outdoor living spaces are perfect for lounging or entertaining, in lavish environs and spectacular scenery.
Privacy and delight...

Accommodation in Imerovigli - Santorini